The Stone Broker: Your stone remnant search engine
The Stone Broker: Your stone remnant search engine

Welcome to the New Way to Buy Stone

Perhaps you don’t immediately understand what we do or the value of utilizing a System like this; here are the highlights. This system was built for fabricators but is open for builders, designers, architects and homeowners to use as well.

As a Buyer:

  • Locate the granite remnant you need! That’s what we’re here for to help you locate a granite remnant that better suits your size needs than a full slab with one phone call, er... a few clicks of the mouse in this case.
  • Log in to your secure account and issue one e-search to reach multiple sellers! Save yourself the “pain in the taskâ€?of calling your competition, which always feels a little awkward anyway. You don’t want to be rude and call more than one shop at a time, as phone calls are interrupting, but then waiting sometimes hours or even days for them to check their inventory and get back to you before you call someone else can take a lot of valuable time. What is the value of your time? Stop and think about it. Using The Stone Broker is polite, nonintrusive and everyone has agreed to accept remnant requests from you. We’re your granite remnant search engine, “the Google of the granite industryâ€?
  • Select the range that you are willing to travel to pick up your remnant! You can choose the distance, from 5 to 200 miles, that is most suitable to your travel logistics.
  • Have your piece delivered! Request that your piece be delivered if you don’t have time to get it, or you’re just simply savvy enough to recognize the value in not having to spend your time or the fuel expense of picking it up or taking one of your employees away from their regular duties to pick up your client’s granite remnant. This is an easy cost to justify when adding to the bid.
  • Search our new online inventory database of available remnants nearest your location! This is the newest feature of our system, enabling buyers to immediately search through available inventory that fabricators have posted. It offers the color, size and most often a picture of what they have to sell. It’s a little quicker than our patented method of issuing a search then waiting for responses.
  • Know who you’re dealing with by viewing member’s feedback profiles! Enjoy the comfort and surety of our User Rating Platform, be assured your piece’s description is accurate and be assured that the price isn’t going to change when you go to pick it up. Preserve the integrity of The System by leaving positive or, if necessary, negative feedback for deserving buyers and sellers. We believe that most people have good intentions, this platform merely ensures it!
  • Issue a nationwide search for an urgent, elusive, matching or antique piece! There is an additional fee for this service, though only if you find the right piece. Shipping will obviously be more as well but can you put a price on that “just rightâ€?granite remnant?

As a Seller:

  • Turn your valuable yet idle granite remnants into CASH! Sell those dead-end, dust collecting remnants you’ve been looking at for months or years, turn them into CASH!
  • Check your email at your leisure instead of being interrupted by another phone call! One of our biggest concerns while developing this system was being respectful of our seller’s time. Receiving requests via email affords you the luxury of checking your email at your convenience. We do ask that you check your inbox at least once a day and respond promptly.
  • Get your inventory under control using IMAPP, our free Inventory Management Application! Have you been intending to get your inventory under control but haven’t been sure how or where to start? We’ve built software to help you with this that is yours to use for free. You can list the details of all of your pieces along with submit photos if you have ‘em. Furthermore, you can list your remnants, full size stock and overstock slabs for ‘public viewâ€?for all buyers to see or strictly ‘privateâ€?for your confidential purposes, giving you complete control of your inventory. You also have our complimentary permission to download that inventory in the common formats of Excel, Word or Adobe Reader to print it or keep it for quick reference as requests come in.
  • Own a piece of the action…own a piece of history with a “Truck and Laptopâ€?franchise! We are also developing Snap-on style “Truck & Laptopâ€?franchise packages, enabling you a piece of the pie and a piece of history! Own a truck, your own territory with pre-determined prospective member lists, additional permissions to the website, the *“ancient Chinese secretâ€?remnant locating formula, and bragging rights for the rest of your life!
  • Consult our links for entertainment or helpful tips! We’d like you to visit us for more than just locating granite remnants. There are a lot of things to learn out there. We’re going to bring you some topics of education, interest & humor.
  • Consult our links for resources! You can search for and post job opportunities, search for and post used machinery or hand tools. Look for cleaner/sealer and adhesive manufacturers contact info.
  • Consult the Facebook Discussion forum for advice! Follow us on Facebook and start a forum discussion topic or join in on one. Share some knowledge and gain some!
  • Advertise your company by submitting pictures of our bumper stickers on your company vehicles! Get yourself some props and send us pictures of our bumper stickers for the “Where Have You Taken Usâ€?campaign. Either on your company vehicles or against a backdrop of anything interesting. Just hold the sticker up in front of somewhere scenic, an extraordinary home, with a bug on it…anything. Show everyone where you’ve been and brought us along for the ride.

Ok, now you’ve seen it all so GO REGISTER! Do not wait, go now! Otherwise it gets put on “the pile of good intentions�and becomes a nagging sort of pain in the ass, just go now and get it out of the way. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy, super fast and even free-zy!

We’re delighted to have you as our guest and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Reid Lopatka
Founder / Stone Pimp

* "ancient Chinese secret" is a quote from a Calgon laundry detergent commercial back in the �0s presumed to be humorous, nothing more!
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    • We help people buy stone. We help people sell stone. But we don't help people get stoned.

    • We cater to businesses and consumers alike. Do you have remnants sitting around collecting dust? Are you looking for a small piece of stone for a vanity top? Are you looking for a unique stone but don't want to buy the entire slab? The Stone Broker can help with all of these needs.

    • Signing up for our system automatically links you in with our extensive network of stone and remnant overstock inventories. As a buyer, you simply submit a remnant request and it's sent to all available sellers in your area. As a seller, you simply reply to all the remnant requests.

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